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Really, really exciting news, our album, 'Come On!' has peaked at the #1 spot at WMCO in New Concord, OH and KSUA Fairbanks, AK. Additionally we are charting at these US College Radio Stations this week:‪#‎WFCS‬ in New Britain, CT at #8, WNYO in Oswego, NY at #23, WFHU in Henderson, TN at #28, and WUMF in Farmington, ME at #28. Thanks to all the music lovers who are listening and thanks to the DJ's for the spins!  

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A night at The Mint, Los Angeles


The Mint by Jeff Kossack

Thank you to everyone who came out to The Mint last Thursday (11/05) what a great night of music with Ruby Free, Crystal Radio and Evan Stone and the Translucent Ham Sandwhich band. Always happy to meet new music lovers from around the country and the county.

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Entertainment Realm Music Review

Summer isn’t quite over. Sure, once Labor Day rolls around, it’s the unofficial end and you’re thinking about cardigans and changing leaves. Listen to this sunny, uplifting pop duo– perfect for driving around with your windows rolled down or dancing barefoot in wet grass.  The Blue Dolphins is two-time Grammy Award winner engineer Alfonso Rodenas and Victoria Scott. The two met at rock pit The Cat Club on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and started playing and recording together in 2010. Scott grew up outside of London where she learned to play the recorder, piano, and guitar and taught herself to sing by age 12 emulating the varied styles of Carole King, Nina Simone, N’Dea Davenport and Aretha Franklin. From Spain, Rodenas played bass in indie pop-rock band Vitamin Vil, and has since worked as a freelance producer, recording, and mixing engineer in Los Angeles, California.

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Live on 97.5 KBU

We are going to be live on 97.5 KBU tonight (8/12/15) with                                            KBU image

wonderful DJ ‪‎MichaelONeill‬.        

Tune in at around 10.00 pm PST, from anywhere in the world.

100'000 listeners tune in to Michael's Americana Music Series weekly, Weds 7-11 pm. 

97.5 KBU

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Pittsburgh In Tune: Eclectic Duo Shine on 'Walking in the Sun'

The Blue Dolphins‘Walking in the Sun’
The Blue Dolphins (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Rootsy duo The Blue Dolphins are based in Los Angeles but there’s an international flair to the music they make. Lead vocalist Victoria Scott hails from England, while guitarist Alfonso Rodenas, a two-time Grammy-winning sound engineer, calls Spain home. They twosome met at The Cat Club on L.A.’s Sunset Strip and the enjoyable new EP “Walking in the Sun” is their third collaboration.

The Blue Dolphins CDThe Blue Dolphins made their full-length debut with 2012’s “My Favorite Word” and followed that up with the “In Between” EP in 2013. This six-track release serves to whet the appetite for a new full-length scheduled to drop in the fall. There are elements of pop, rock, roots and folk on a 23-minute slab that figures to have pretty broad appeal.

The terrific title track opens the EP and is the clear-cut highlight of “Walking in the Sun.” The bouncy “Afraid of Moving On” is another winner, and The Blue Dolphins also score with “If I Could (Dreams)” and “Shelter Me.” The future if this band is as bright as their music.

By Jeffrey Sisk

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