Lyrics - Shelter Me

walking in the sun 300wThe days of my youth have gone away
I feel like I’m getting old
I need someone to believe in me
I hope you will be the one


Will you hold your arms around me, and I‘ll feel right again,
Will you please give me shelter, I have nowhere to go

Those golden days have faded away
I’m coming to the Fall of my life
I didn’t always do the right things
Oh Lord I need a second chance

My friends say the party is over now
My body and my soul have got the bill
I’ve never been so old as I am feeling now
But I’m never going to be this young


Will you hold me in your arms, so I feel alive again,
Will you tell me that you love me, and we will start again

The days of my youth have gone away
And I feel like I’m not the same
I need someone to believe in
Will you be the one?

Written by: Victoria Scott/Alfonso Rodenas



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