The Blue Dolphins and their Transoceanic Pop

el pais noticia normalThe project of renowned sound engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas consolidates its career with 'Walking in the Sun', a luminous third work, carefree and naturally commercial.

Alfonso G. Ródenas was born in Casas Ibáñez (Albacete), but from adolescence forged his musical career in Valencia. For over a decade he has settled in California, as a renowned sound engineer. In fact, his resume includes two Grammy Awards (2009 and 2010) for two consecutive albums with Los Tigres del Norte but he has always considered himself a musician, in the broadest sense of the word. In fact, he was part of the group Vitamin Vil at the end of the 80s, just before going to work in Studies Tabalet, Alboraya. A few years ago he formed The Blue Dolphins in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Victoria C. Scott.

2015 serves to present the luminous and joyous third EP of their still short journey, a 'Walking in the Sun', it would be a valuable piece if the radio formulas of today had not lost their sense and were not engaged in providing relief in the form of oldies and hits of old glories covered in dust.

"I think that bands should not think so much in what other band's do or don't do, but only in being natural and without complexes. Without thinking about who might be more hip, more cool or authentic, " says Rodenas referring to the character, that is overtly commercial but without postures of the unpretentious, sunny, pop that The Blue Dolphins play.

"It is also true that most groups try to emulate their heroes and imitate what they like in a subconscious manner, but then there are those who copy others bluntly," he says. On its classification as a band or their references, he clear: "I think we are not quite hip to the critics and the indie public, but neither do we identify with emptiness of mainstream, and perhaps in that strip can reside on our success," says a musician who shows such a broad range of musical likes that is not easy to locate his references:" We like different things, from The Police and The Clash to Oasis, Radiohead, Kula Shaker, through Brand New Heavies and Incognito; America is America, but the music is written in capital letters also in the UK. They do everything with a certain touch of sophistication. " So the topic of the sunny beaches of California (where they live) as a source of inspiration is shared with the green British landscape.

In any case, for the Manchego engineer raised in Valencia, (he can be found on the internet starring in two similar programs, Castilians by the world and Valencians in the world in which he recounts his experiences in Los Angeles), is The Blue Dolphins a parallel project to pass the time between works and to refresh yourself?: "No, to tell you the truth, I love the project and it makes very happy, last year I prioritized it above any sound engineering tasks whatsoever, and it should also be said that it was Victoria (Scott) who forced me to make peace with myself and get involved in a project like this, in which I can reach a very wide range of listeners. "

Now they are returning to California, but this winter they have been playing their songs with the help of local musicians (with Jorge Álvarez and Luis Martínez of Euro-Trash Girl and Alberto Cebrian, his companion since the time of Vitamin Vil ) for some concert halls in Valencia: "The experience has been fantastic in both formats, electric and acoustic, and have served as a testing ground for what will be the album's release in the US this fall (with an American band) and the tour we have designed for the spring of next year."

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