Released: INVINCIBLE Album

October 2021

INVINCIBLE  is a collection of Adult Alternative Pop/Rock oriented songs that represent two years of work for the band and is now released!!!.

The Blue Dolphins have been honored with the collaboration of drummer Edoardo Tancredi and keyboardist Arlan Oscar.



'Tombola!' New Single Released en Español


The Blue Dolphins ‘Tombola’ is a high energy cover of a song made famous by Spanish icon, Marisol, in 1962 written by Augusto Algueró. The lyric describes life as a tombola full of color and light in which we can all find the one we love! We love the innocence and hope in this song and felt it was high time for us all to have some fun!  The music video for the song screens on February 14th 2021. Click on the cover art below to listen and buy our version of 'Tombola'. 


Tombola Art small


Most- Watched Video of all time


The Blue Dolphins Light in Dark Places Music Video was released on 12/02/20. With over 24K views it is our most watched music video of all time! We are so happy that the song is resonating. Thanks for tuning in! You can watch the video right now by clicking on this picture. If you enjoy it please do share it with your family and friends. Thank you! 


LIGHT IN DARK PLACES Thumbnail 1500 copy




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