Released: INVINCIBLE Album

October 2021

INVINCIBLE  is a collection of Adult Alternative Pop/Rock oriented songs that represent two years of work for the band and is now released!!!.

The Blue Dolphins have been honored with the collaboration of drummer Edoardo Tancredi and keyboardist Arlan Oscar.



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New Single debuts on A Whole 'Nuther Thing 88.5 FM Feb.13th

The Blue Dolphins I Saw The Light Artwork 72

Artwork by Michael Gunner Murray

As many of you, fans of Todd Rundgren, know, this February is the 50th anniversary of the Something/Anything? original release in 1972.
We, The Blue Dolphins, are big fans of him and this February 14th, Saint Valentine's day, we are releasing a cover song of his big hit
I Saw The Light. Stay tuned for THE RELEASE that WILL BE PREMIERED THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON between 4 and 4:30PM. by no other than Bob Goodman in his 88.5FM show "Whole 'Nuther Thing".







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